Preliminary research hypotheses

Research question

I would like to explore the possibilities of developing vertical reusable formwork that can adapt various shapes?


I wish to give the back the structural power to concrete by working towards an industrialized vertical casting technique that allows double sided concrete elements. The aim is to explore the shaping potentials of the vertical cast. Through digital and physical experiments I wish to investigate the design- and architecual possibilities using in flexible double-sided casting system. A flexible formwork opens up for reusing without repeating.

The research field

Addition and deformation

Most operating vertical casting systems work with addition as a mean of manipulation. Panels are joined together to produce the formwork for the concrete cast. Already operating vertical casting systems include in-situ constructions, pascal and pise structures. As I would like my formwork to incorporate some sort of flexibility, the system that I will be working with will also have to be somewhat deformative.  Examples of casting methods working with deformation are the textile formwork and rubber membranes.

Examples of vertical casting systems

In the initial stage of my research I would like to start out by exploring already operating methods of vertical casting systems. By taking a closer look at the pise-system which is already fully functional, I hope to gain a better understanding of problems and potentials related to the vertical casting technique.


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